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Lately I was checking the recent ads and mails sent by digitaldeepak for the internship program. I also saw that there is already free premium content from Google for the digital marketing self learn as well . I also saw good content in you tube from Ankur Agarwal. Plus there is professional and affordable content from Deepak himself which I purchased two years before to read and update my skill in the future. All of this has my attention for years before which I have to make my mind to read the content and complete it .

Wishing is easy and comes free. But reading requires patience and undevoted attention to it. That is a challenge to me where I am not great reader and hold on to it with interest. Most of us are not good in reading books and sometimes it is also boring. We typically are living in the instant age where we want results but to apply and hook ourselves to the content takes a lot of grit. This comes with also balancing work and family. This is what most of us face today where we lack targets and small tasks to apply as the content is mostly overloaded on us and we suddenly gets lot.

Typical questions came to my mind then. Is it required to learn new skill ? What is the skill which is easy to learn and keep interest on? How can we start freelancing now and keep earning slowly ? What if any skill learnt fades away? Why the old skill is fading away with less opportunities? What keeps me on and how to keep the interest in life? What is the skill that takes that doesnot take more time to learn and keeps me focussed?

“Mediocre marketers think in terms of campaigns. Great marketers think in terms of growth frameworks. “ – Neil Patel

To the above questions, I could narrow down to one or two topics ie Digital marketing, artificial intelligence, and coding Python. All were good topics to deal with. But what to take first was the question and have the benefits and catch the attention of the prospects in the market to apply it. Genuinely speaking all the courses are relevant. But what comes with little ease is my background with marketing and sales, the digital marketing gels well with my profile. In any case, sales is the key skill in life where you can pitch in your products or services. It comes naturally to me and good to take it from the current.

Now having decided on the digital marketing skill to be seeking, I was looking for a course having good exercises to readily apply and market myself. Then came the Digitaldeepak course which was quoting affordable amount. The good part of it is that the duration was 12 weeks and its recordings are available , incase you cannot attend it. Also there is assignment for each week which can apply. It is supplemented by a question and answer session with recording of it.Also in case you complete it you get cashback for the weekly assignment. That did not put extra burden to me in this covid times. This has drawn me in for the internship course.The Digital Deepak internship program fees is nominal and was recovered with more than 95% by weekly payment after completion of the assignment.My fellow interns have created good ecommerce site and motivational blogs.

If content is king, then conversion is queen.” – John Munsell

Looking back , I see the learning journey uptill is worth it as I started having confidence of applying the concepts and getting the positive results. The email marketing for lead generation has taken me back to my sales days . We were asked to reach 10 B2B clients and 5 B2C clients along with doing youtube video for pitching webinar sales or lead magnet. All of them had good impact of learning. In addition to that for the Email marketing done for the service pitch has given 20% response, which is not bad for an intern who tested the market for services. It gave me an indication that the market has potential to pitch freelance services in time to come.

In addition to the exercises committed for the course , there are number of tools which you also learn with time. To name a few are Google keyword planner , Google analytics, Google search console,,,Gooogl assistant, Facebook pixel Helper and many to add to the list.

There is also free high quality mastery courses __facebook and Google ads given to benefit the extensive learning from time to time along with other free webinars for lead generation , interviews from other digital mentors or interns who are successful.The conversion to sales is also part of the program.

Once you are acquainted with subjects initially, learning becomes easy and continues with access to his course list purchased at an affordable cost and keeps us moving forward with gaining to drive the freelancing for the services and help ourselves to become T-shaped expert in any specific topic and provide the relevant niche services to the market needs.

We must move from numbers keeping score to numbers that drive better actions.” – David Walmsley

For those who are serious about the digital learnings as a part of skillset add, do give a sure shot for it and lap it.

The Digital Deepak internship program also has good reviews as well

Digital marketing and blogging will engage the world in all spheres

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